Going beyond what you would expect from the average independent distributor, A&K ELECTRONICS is proud to present it’s customers with the following superior services:

  • Global sourcing from qualified suppliers, as well as “in stock” inventory of A&K ELECTRONICS Swift responses from our knowledgeable staff
  • Flexible terms for qualified customers, giving net terms or many other payment options
  • Inventory bonding and scheduled orders
  • Access to trailing edge technology (end of life and obsolete components)
  • Cost reduction on all purchases, including everyday buys and shortages
  • BOM price comparison
  • Eliminating lead time problems, so that your company will receive components on time to keep your production lines running
  • Testing components, such as tape and reeling services through qualified partners
  • Having foresight knowledge of obsolete parts, and informing you of that knowledge
  • Inventory management programs providing consignment and services to help you eliminate excess inventory
  • Our experienced and knowledgeable management and staff are always available to help you when you need it most


While A&K ELECTRONICS is known for our ability to find difficult parts due to obsolescence and long lead times, we would also like to inform you of our cost reduction program.  This is a simple service which helps many of our OEM and Contract Manufacturer clients save a considerable amount on their component purchases.

In order for the cost reduction program to work, our clients need to share their BOM information with us.  The information needed includes the manufacturers part numbers, standard costs or current bids, and projected demand. We then put this information into our database and watch the market for current and future availabilities. Once stock is identified, we contact our vendors to try to negotiate a savings on that particular item.  This program can help your company save money off of your current cost of electronic components.


A&K ELECTRONICS is a global marketplace for electronic components. We have thousands of registered buyers in the market for electronic components. Let us help you by buying or consigning your Excess Inventory! For you, profitability is always the major focus. Unused components, end of life products and slow stock can be converted into working capital. In order to convert this into working capital, we can make you an offer on your excess inventory. Another solution we can offer is to provide you access to our inventory database management program. This consignment and listing program has proven to be a very effective solution to reducing your inventory carrying costs and generating revenue for your company.

Maintaining a large inventory of in house electronic components, A&K ELECTRONICS is ready to ship it’s stock from our warehouse to yours today. Under your specifications, we are also able to drop ship directly to your customer. This is especially needed when delivery times are critical. Our buyers watch the market and proactively purchase hot items, long-lead items, and soon-to-be obsolete items, making us a great source for hard-to-find items.


A&K ELECTRONICS is up to date with the everyday market place changes. We are experienced professionals in the electronics industry who understand components, including obsolescence, supply status and present day pricing. This information allows our staff to better help you with your purchasing needs.

A&K ELECTRONICS specializes in the sourcing of current, allocated, obsolete and hard-to-find parts. With semiconductor science and technology moving at such a fast pace, it is no wonder that integrated circuits quickly become obsolete. Once an integrated circuit has become obsolete or hard to find, repairing a less modern device can become difficult. This is where A&K ELECTRONICS can help!

A&K ELECTRONICS and our international partners provide stock locations and procurement service. We rapidly source allocated, obsolete, hard to find, and long lead time devices. Regardless of whether you are searching for the latest OEM products or the rarest, obsolete IC’s, if we don’t have it already in our inventory of over 100 thousand line items, we have the resources to find it!